Easter Basket Redux


by Lindsey on Monday March 30, 2015


I was determined to find a couple of quality Easter baskets this year for the kiddos.  It turns out that that is a very difficult thing to do.  Even more difficult?  Finding an Easter basket for a little boy.  Impossible!  Everything is pink and frilly or covered in flowers and butterflies.  Now some boys might dig that, but this little guy prefers trucks, superheroes and dirt.  Butterflies are not going to do it.  So what do you do if you can't find it?  Make it of course!

I ended up finding a couple of really great baskets at Target.  They are big enough to fit all that Easter goodness and seem to be pretty well constructed.  The liners, however, left something to be desired.  So I skipped over to my local fabric store and picked up a couple of matching prints, ripped the seams of the old liner, stitched up the new one and finished it off with some bias tape.  

Out with the old

And in with the new!

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