Wascally Wabbit


by Lindsey on Monday March 30, 2015


Some bunny is causing mischief in the carrot patch!  Looking for a quick, last minute Easter treat?  We threw this Cake Pop Carrot Patch together in about an hour.  Isn't it cute?  

Cake Pop Carrot Patch


  • 17 cake balls or donut holes
  • orange candy melts
  • edible grass
  • 1 miniature marshmallow
  • 2 whole almonds
  • white chocolate
  • coconut
  • pink decorations for feet (we used Wilton Sprinkles Jumbo Confetti for the foot pads and Wilton Jumbo Nonpareils for the toes)
  • Chocolate cookie crumbs

To assemble the carrot tops, cut 16 cake balls in half.  Dip each half in the melted orange candy melts and allow to set.

Once the cake ball is set, use a straw to "drill" a hole in the top.  Take your edible grass and snip 6 pieces of grass to your preferred height.

Insert pieces of edible grass into carrot top.  Repeat until you have 15 completed carrot tops.

I have to apologize, as I didn't get any pictures of assembling our little bunny rabbit.  But I will do my best to describe the details.  Start by shaving off 1/4 of the remaining cake ball.  Dip entire cake ball into melted white chocolate and then immediately into shredded coconut.  Allow to set.  In the meantime, skewer the marshmallow and dip into the chocolate and coconut.  Allow to set.  Skewer both almonds and dip into chocolate and coconut.  Carefully place on your pink foot decorations.  Tweezers would come in really handy here!  Allow to set.  Once all bunny pieces are set, attach both feet and tail using dabs of melted white chocolate.  Sprinkle coconut on any melted chocolate that oozes out around feet and tail.  Allow the bunny to set. 

Sprinkle cookie crumbs on a tray and place the carrot tops in rows on the crumbs.  Add the bunny to complete your Cake Pop Carrot Patch. 

Hoppy Easter!

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