St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching and we have been in full-on Leprechaun mode around here.  St. Patty's is one of those holidays that always seems to whiz past before I can really do anything to celebrate, but not this year!  Thanks to a little pinspiration, my stepson and I whipped up some Rainbow Jars from for his family members and teacher.

While I scrubbed a bunch of jam jars, my little one sorted the Skittles.  There were far fewer Skittles post-sort compared to pre-sort.  Hmmm... I printed off some cute and free St. Patrick's Day labels from World Labels, spray painted the lids a matte white and slapped the labels on.  Quick, easy and delightful!

We also whipped up some Leprechaun Cake which is really just Rice Krispie Cake with Lucky Charms instead of Krispies.  I totally thought I had this super cool, original idea but I googled "Lucky Charm Cake".  I am not so original.  Turns out people have thought of this before.  Oh well, the kids had fun and it was delicious.  On another note, I can not be trusted around "junk food" cereal.  The picture below is the second cake I made after I found my husband chowing down on the last piece I had sitting on the counter, perfectly styled and picture ready.  And that's why you always leave a note!

Last but not least we made some lime Jello play dough and threw in a whole bunch of glitter.  If you haven't tried making Jello play dough yet, do it!  It is really smooth, has a nice scent and keeps forever.  I use this recipe and add the glitter right before I cook everything. 

Erin go bragh!


Stacey & Lindsey

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Did you hear about The Great White T-Shirt Challenge put on by Canada Sews?  If not you can read about it here.  Basically, you start with a white t-shirt and create something for the fashion, home decor or quilt category.  I have been working on a couple of entries for the past week and got them in just under the wire.

The Tiered Tarn Petal Dress

The base of the dress is made from a hand-me-down size 4 cotton shirt.  The tarn was made from 2 XL men's shirts.  Have you ever made tarn?  This was my first try and it was so easy!  I used this tutorial.  I refashioned the size 4 shirt into an infant A-line dress.  I attached gathered cap sleeves with rolled hems and 11 tiers of 4 inch loops of tarn.  I added a little belt to tidy it up and voila!  On a side note, isn't my model adorable?

Ruffled Ombre Throw Pillow

I started by cutting the panels for the pillow cover and 120 4-inch circles out of 2 men's XL white t-shirts.  I dyed the fabric in batches to get the different shades of violet.  I had never dyed fabric before so I kind of just made it up as I went along, adding more and more dye to a pot of simmering water and about 1/2 a cup of salt.  I left each batch in for about 15 minutes.  Everything I read recommended 30, but this project needed to fit into naptime!  I basted together 8 circles, gathered them to 14 inches and stitched the gathered row of circles onto the pillow cover.  I repeated this 15 times, arranging the rows from the lightest to deepest violet to achieve the ombre effect.  

Phew, that was some marathon sewing!